17.05 | Конференция "Новый диалог в антропологии: особенности поля в академическом и аборигенном дискурсах" 17-18 мая
16.05 | Семинар Группы по истории этнологии и антропологии ИЭА РАН совместно с МАЭ РАН 19 мая
16.05 | Вебинар ЦМА совместно с семинаром «Антропология Петербурга» 16 мая
15.05 | Американский семинар 18 мая
15.05 | Научный семинар Лаборатории социальной антропологии ИМОМИ 12 мая
14.05 | Видео заседания Американского семинара МАЭ, ИЭА и СПбИИ РАН и Центра кросс-культурной психологии и этологии человека ИЭА РАН 12 мая
14.05 | Создание Научно-исследовательской лаборатория социальной антропологии в ННГУ
13.05 | Общероссийская конференция с международным участием IX Алексеевские чтения «Человек и среда в прошлом и настоящем: старые проблемы и новые решения» 17-22 октября 
12.05 | VII Международной научной конференции исследователей рисованных историй и визуальной культуры «Изотекст» 11-13 ноября
10.05 | Международный вебинар ЦМА 12 мая
 Ассоциация антропологов и этнологов России
   Начало раздела > XIV Конгресс антропологов и этнологов России

II call for applications


The 14th Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia

Tomsk, 6–9 July 2021


Organized by the Association of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia, National Research Tomsk State University and the Miklouho-Maklay Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Russian Academy of Sciences), with the support of the Administration of Tomsk region, the 14th Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia (CAER), titled "Anthropology and Ethnology: Responding to Social Challenges", will be taking place in the city of Tomsk (Russia) from 6 to 9 July 2021.

The Congress will discuss current tasks and priorities in anthropology and ethnology, ties between the two disciplines, teaching of anthropology and ethnology, the phenomenon of identity, ethnicity-related and language policies, monitoring of ethnic relations, areas of inquiry and methods in urgent anthropology in the time of social crises, the anthropology of religion, as well as a wide range of issues concerning migration research, digital anthropology, new trends in the anthropology of tourism and museum anthropology, and a number of other contemporary anthropological research areas. In addition, discussions of new research directions in biological anthropology, cross-cultural studies, ethology, as well as of various research methodologies and methods, will constitute an important part of the Congress. As was the case with the previous Congresses, particular attention will be paid to issues of historiography and reflection on ethnographic research as practice.        

The Organizing Committee has received over 120 applications for organizing sessions, roundtables, and symposia and is pleased to inform you that the list of the selected session titles and contact information on the session chairs is now available (attached).

To participate in the Congress, you are welcome to email your application, including your abstract, directly to a chair of the session of your choice until 15 February 2021 (please email your application as an attachment in *.doc or *.docx format, with the subject line reading “Application for the 14th CAER, session No…”, and the Organizing Committee’s address caer2021@mail.ru copied on your email as well).

Each applicant can only apply for one to two sessions. Only one abstract per each participant (the one of their choice) will be included in the Congress proceedings.

Applications will be assessed by the session chairs. If needed, the selected abstracts will be edited by the session chairs, jointly with the editors of the CAER Proceedings. 

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select applications most relevant to the Congress’s theme. The list of CAER sessions may change after the selection process is over.


Please submit your application as an attachment titled:

Session No. (S) Arabic numeral_Full name(s) of author(s).
For example:  S3_Joan Smith

The text of application should include:
  • Author’s full name
  • Author’s academic degree, title, position (or whichever applies), and affiliation (if any)
  • Email address, landline and/or mobile telephone number (with whatever dialling codes apply)
  • Title of abstract
  • Title(s) of session(s) (two session titles max.)
In case you submit two applications, please indicate the one you would like to see published in the Congress proceedings.
  • Abstract (200 words max.)
  • Presentation equipment needed
The Organizing Committee will not consider applications:
  • submitted after the deadline
  • that are incomplete
  • submitted in non-electronic format

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